Looking back, goaty pics & even a tractor pic :O)

I feel change in the air, do you ever get feelings and you know they are to happen, I do and always have my whole life.... I don't mean I am psychic, though I will tell you I think everyone is to some degree, if that is the word you want to use. We all get feelings, thoughts, etc. that later prove to be accurate, right... you know those feelings you get that are so strong you can't ignore them,  that resurface multiple times... A couple weeks back I got a very strong feeling of change...its the best I could make of the feeling... and I have had it to a lesser degree a few times since. Today I feel unsettled... I found myself looking at pictures from here on the farm, which lead to this post....

I miss the goats. Ya they were a lot of work but they were a lot of fun too. Lots of love and lots of cuddles.

I would sit for hours in the goat barn and love on the kids. I really miss the kids. This was Sterling, the second smallest kid born here. This little fella and I spent lots of time together. He was sooooooooo sweet and such a cuddle bug. I would get up every morning, throw on some clothes, grab my coffee and camera and head to the barn to sit and hold this little fella! He loved it.

 Littlest kid we had born here, This is Skittles who we still have. He  keeps Cubey company.  He was squished flat between his 2 siblings.  Truly he was flat. I had to help his nanny deliver him and his siblings, it was a rough delivery. At first I just knew he was dead. But I jiggled him and blew air into him and prayed. It worked. He had a rough start but he made it with some extra TLC. He would fit in my hand! He was just amazingly small! He didn't look real, he looked like a toy. Skittles is truly like a dog. He likes to be petted, he loves to play head butt game. He butts his head into your palm when you hold it out to him. Honeyman taught him that LOL. I can't play the game to much with him as he gets to butting to hard LOL. Honeyman plays it with him. He is about the size of Cubey now. Tiny bit taller. He is a whether.

 Skittles with his siblings,Nanny, he was bow legged as could be for quite a while. But his legs are fine now.

 Harrison our buck. He was wild but he was pretty! It took me a lot of hours of sitting in the pasture with a feed bucket softly talking to him, or just being quiet...to get him to come to me amd take food out of my hand. Harrison was a one buck to the farm kind of buck. He would try to kill any other bucks we had. He simply would not allow another buck to live on this place.  Even whethers he was not very nice to! Not that we ever needed another buck. He totally handled the job all by himself very well.

Beautiful he was

This was later when he decided I was okay... he would come close to me and let me take his picture and take a treat.

                                                           Cubey with some of her kids
Sugarcube aka Cubey they don't come any better than her, in any meaning. Everyone would have 100 goats if they were all like her! 

Honeyman holding Dolly who was rejected by her Nanny, my best bud has Dolly. She took her and bottle fed her and still has her. She  turned out to be a good milk goat. I could never figure out for sure why her Nanny rejected her, my only guess was her Nanny had given birth numerous times, always single kids and always bucks. When Dolly was born her nanny had two kids. Its the only time she ever had two. She left Dolly laying outside the barn and was with her other kid a buck inside the barn. When I tried to get her to accept Dolly she acted like I was trying to give her some other goats kid. She actually tossed dolly several feet when I put Dolly up close to her to try to get her to let her eat. Both the kids were nice sized kids and healthy.
I wasn't with her when she kidded, she surprise delivered on me. Maybe had I been there, will never know. Bossy was always a strong kidder and super good Mom.

One of the dumber things I did ....I had put a mineral bucket out. Never thinking about the handle on the bucket and  using this style clip.   I found Bossy standing with her head stuck in the bucket because her horn had got hung/stuck in the clip I had hung the bucket by. Thus trapping the bucket between her horns. 
... DUH ... needless to say I didn't hang buckets that way again! She was fine but very happy to get her head out of that bucket. She had had her fill of minerals to say the least LOL

                                         ..  it will have to do Mr Preppy... :O)
                                            from a couple years back.


PioneerPreppy said...

Heh nice tractor and tiller there. Not my usual choice of operator for picture time though but it's all good :)

cute Goats too.

northsider dave said...

I like the tractor too. Is she a Ford? We have a few Ford tractors.

PioneerPreppy said...

Nah that's an ISEKI tractor I think. Japanese made and pretty durable little tractors if I remember right.

julieQ said...

Heads up...pay attention to those feelings, in my opinion. They are always right!! I love your goat babies!

Henny Penny said...

I loved hearing about your goats. Those first two pictures are adorable. No wonder you went to the barn first thing every morning. That is the cutest baby goat I've ever seen! I love goats. Those roman shades you finished, in your last post, are really pretty. You amaze me.

Texan said...

Northsider Dave and Pioneer Preppy yes the tractor is a iseki, we bought it used. Its been a good tractor. We got the bush hog and disker with it. All have been good.

Sandy said...


Great pictures of your goats. Those little ones were so adorable.
One day we plan on having goats, hopefully they'll be relatively friendly.

Kev Alviti said...

I toy with the idea of getting goats but the sheep are enough trouble at the moment without adding to it! I've been told by my daughter that its pigs next anyway!

Love Of Quilts said...

Skittles is so cute. I would be scared of the buck, what horns he could really hurt you. My mom had a pair when I was young, the male one would but anyone that got close.

Phuong said...

The baby goats are so cute and Cubey has the sweetest expression.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my site! Looks like we share a love for the Ozarks. What's funny is I'm a native Texan (San Antonio area) and now I'm in the Missouri Ozarks. It's such beautiful country up here.
I admire your ability to keep goats... my goat adventure was so awful, I don't think I'll ever keep them again. Press on!