Working but still here

I just fnished these roman shades with attached valances. I tell you the photos don't do them justice. They really turned out lovely.

The client wanted valances, so drew up several on paper till I had the right shape and that was a go. I used a roll of Christmas paper I picked up on after Christmas clearance to draw the valance pattern on and then cut it out. This paper had a 1" grid printed on the back of the paper. I have used these rolls of paper for all sorts of things none of which has been to wrap a present.

This fabric had a dot/check and a stripe pattern to it. I was very careful to make sure this all lined up from valance to shade. The tassel bead trim really set these off. This was a upholstery weight fabric. Though not super heavy and it did not have a  backing on it like some upholstery fabrics. Those would not work well in roman shades.

I am rarely ever on the my photos are always of the shades hanging in my workroom on my shade holder. The client did send via the phone photos of them installed. They looked pretty and they were so happy with them. It made me feel really good.

On the garden end of things:
I have started pulling up plants in my garden. This is the earliest I have ever done this. I worked over the holiday day weekend doing this.  I have to say, the two big makers this year so far have both been hybrid seeds. My jalapenos are making better than any other pepper. those are Burpee gigante hybrid. Then my Lemon Boy tomatoes a hybrid are making more tomatoes than any other tomato. Full size tomato not cherries.

Back to work!


PioneerPreppy said...

Lemon Boy tomatoes are always great producers for me as well.

Sandy said...


Beautiful shades girl!!!

I've noticed the same thing with my peppers. My jalapeno's are the large producers this year.

Kev Alviti said...

Looks like a good job well done. I've installed a lot of curtains and shades in my line of work . never a fun job as there never seems to be anythign to fix to above a window in an old house! Bet with your timber framed houses it's easy!

Love Of Quilts said...

Beautiful shades!

1st Man said...

Those are beautiful. I've always loved Roman shades. Such clean lines as a window treatment but still elegant.