Working, working, working, and computer died but came back to life sorta

Still busy at work ...  If I never work with this fabric I just finished with again it will be to soon :O) ...  You know the saying about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear... well I feel like I managed to do just that... arghhhh   It was more than just a fabric issue but they are done now so will just leave it at that. :O) .

My computer crashed, died, what ever you want to call it...

It said to me on the screen
"Jim" "He's dead"

LOL apparently google has a sense of humor... anyway so it died... I had to copy every last thing I could off my hard drive and put it on USB sticks.... then delete all that off my computer... I had used all the memory up so it was telling me... So I did all that and then I had to do a few other things.... It did come back to life but its on its last leg... I am trying to make it till end of year as I understand Windows 10 will be out by then. If  it doesn't make it, then yep I will just have to get one sooner. I don't know if its going to make it... its a day by day thing.

Honeyman has been helping me to water in the evenings and on weekends. We are trying to keep this place from completely going under, with both of us working so much its a bit stressful and hard to keep up with... Its really dry now. We are our usual 100 degrees plus, normal for this time of year....Day before yesterday it was 104 then we got that weak cold front which is almost comical they actually called it that on the weather, it dropped us just below 100... LOL..


Sandy said...


I know you've been very busy based on the fact we don't see you blogging much :-), and that's okay. Family, work, homestead come first in my book.

Temperatures are just as bad up here. It's nice when your husband helps with the watering. Hubby's been helping me too. In fact, last night we both got into a water war spraying one another. It helped to cool down :-)


Henny Penny said...

Sounds like you have really had your hands full. Bet it takes a lot of patience and skill to make roman shades. Our temperatures here have not been quite as high as yours, but high 90's, humid, and no rain. It is dry as a bone. For some reason the rain showers go on either side of we've been forgotten. :) Take care.

PioneerPreppy said...

We haven't had heat into the 100's yet so we have been a bit better off. Of course when I moved down to New Mexico one Summer it was over 100 down there and I was so cold I had to soak in a hot tub. The humidity is a killer up here. I have experienced humidity just as bad in East Texas though.

Hows the modeling career going?

Lynda said...

I have a very good friend that does fantastic upholstery as a hobby...she has a waiting list of clients...and we share another friend that will bring her the crappiest pieces of furniture with the cheapest fabrics and expect our friend to work miracles...and my friend always smiles and does her best...she's an angel/artist...sounds like you are an angel/artist, too.

I feel you on the heat and watering...I normally love my time in the garden/orchards...but lately in this heat/'s just plain old husband has been a big help too...unfortunately I'm on vacation from school and should really not need help.

Love Of Quilts said...

Windows 10 was just downloaded on my new computer July guess its out now. Good luck with your work. I don't envy you at all, but good you have lots of work, just maybe not all at once.

Inger said...

Windows 10 is out. You really have accomplished a lot. I'm heading to your Etsy store now to look around. I'm getting new windows and am looking for ideas on how to treat them. I think it will be too dusty here for something really nice like roman shades.

Inger said...

ou have some beautiful things in your Etsy store and I added the site to my favorites.