Dog days of summer....

Its the dog days of summer, I need a bath . My not so great home hair cut is about half grown out and sorta looking a bit of a mess. 

 Mom has been very busy and I haven't gotten a bath. But she does brush me every few days. You know she won't let me in her sewing room!!! No really its true! She has a gate in the stairway and it opens and closes only for her! Sometimes I lay on the step right by the gate,, is a pie shaped step in the turn of the stairs.
  Its to hot for Great Pyrenees to go outside and lay around. Whew its been over 100 and thats just to hot for me, even in the shade. Mom is looking for a groomer for me. Mom has anxiety about leaving me at a groomers so we are not sure if this will happen. She reads another blog that has a doggy just like me, oh he looks so much like me its not even funny! Eli is his name.... I would like to play with Eli.. he seems like a real nice fella, he is a few years younger than me but we sure look a like!...  Eli is always so clean and brushed out and all. Mom says if we can find a groomer that she feels good about we will give it a try. She said she will stay with me the first time the whole time I am there and see how it all goes, just to be sure. :O)... Mom is kinda over protective in case you haven't figured that out.

 Finished these two today! These were 81 1/2 inches long! The fabric was a really nice weight and worked up beautiful. The stack was great on these, partly due to wonderful fabric chosen for these.

I am getting around to you guys blogs as I can. I don't make everyone's everyday... I hit a few each day :O)

My garden this year was just about a bust.. I only put up around 100 jars this year. This is why the old timers always say can for two years! You never know when you will have a bad year. Luckily I do just that!  The early flooding and constant rain just set the garden up poorly for a good year right out of the shooting gate. But at least we got what we got. We had some nice fresh eating, but just not enough to can much over what we what we ate fresh.  I will hope that next year will be a really good year!


PioneerPreppy said...

What I really want is for Mom to get my a friend to keep me company while she is working in the evil sewing room. Perhaps a kitten from one of the 100's that seem to perpetually get dropped off at Pioneer Preppy's farm. He would be happy to mail us 1 or 10 and then I could have a pet of my own.

Phuong said...

Your Great Pyrenees looks so sweet. And you have definitely been busy in the sewing room. It's too bad about all the rain this year, I keep telling myself there's always next year.

northsider dave said...

Looks like you have a great canine friend there Texan. It's been a very mixed summer here in Ireland too. You always gets great crops and disasters. I love having a poly-tunnel to work in during rainy days.

Henny Penny said...

Keeper you brought tears to my eyes! You are so sweet and so special...just like my Eli. I think you and Eli would be best friends too. Your haircut looks perfect to me...much better job than I could ever do.

Such a sweet post. I guess we got lucky with finding a groomer. She opened a shop here in town and we carried our poodle "Pooh" to her before we ever got Eli. I find that most dog groomers are pretty nice. Seems like they would have to like dogs to ever get into that business. I do worry too, cause you never really know what goes on once you leave. Our dogs would probably let us know by their reaction to the groomer. I think your plan of staying with Keeper the first time is a good idea.

Our garden has been a disappointment this year too. It is bone dry right now!

Inger said...

Samson Says: Hey, Keeper, I feel for you. I have the same problem, exactly. Last month my mom took me to the groomers, but she didn't leave me there since it was the first time I ever went. Maybe your mom can stay with you. It took them two hours and twenty minutes to fix me up. They used a blower to blow away my undercoat, so it didn't hurt. Then they put me in a big tub and washed me good. I smelled so good afterwards. Then they trimmed the rest of my coat and gave me a good brushing. It helped me feel so great and everyone says I look very handsome. Good luck and I hope all our weather will soon cool down. Your Samson, the Samoyed Dog.