Greystone the brave, vegetable seeds and 2 more finished

Greystone is doing just fine! I am so tickled. We had some drama around here when I let him out though. Paddlefoot other Bantam rooster....who has never ever had a dominant bone in his body decided he was top dog rooster apparently while Greystone was in the crate recovering and that Greystone wasn't welcome when he got out. I was just so annoyed with that Paddlefoot after Greystone saved all of them from the raccoon. So I promptly scooped up Paddlefoot put him in the crate the coop and let him live in there for a couple days and nights! I figured well it was after Greystones hospital stay in the crate that Paddlefoot decided to be so ugly to him. So I hoped that if I put Paddlefoot in time out for a few days in there and let him think about the errors of his ways ( I know but I didn't know what else to do) Today I let Paddlefoot out. He has fussed at Greystone since getting out but he hasn't ran him down and jumped on top of him to beat him up like he did the first time I let Greystone out! I think he learned his lesson. They can dance and take a stance and carry on at one another but I don't want any blood drawn around here!! Sooooo with luck that fixed the problem.

I ordered a few vegetable seeds.  I was out of cucumbers seeds and my pepper seeds were down very low. I don't ever like to be without seeds. Call me crazy but they are like insurance the way I see them. Yes I am like every gardener I have a gazillion seeds but I actually was low on a few things. I have not been good about saving seeds the last couple years. I save tomato seeds every year. They are super easy. I like to save pepper seeds but last year my peppers didn't do a thing with the flooding and bad start and the year before I managed to not save any either. I also ordered a new to me butternut squash to try. Wathams don't do a thing here for some reason so I am going to try a different one. I ordered Franchi seeds. I am very, very pleased with the seeds I have ordered from this Italian company.  So I decided to go back to them for seeds. I am not associated with them just really like their quality. You also get a lot of seeds for your money. Way more than the average packages of seeds. Which is really nice because most seeds will last a few years easily if stored properly. If you have someone to order with you could easily split the packages and have enough for several people.

The round peppers are suppose to be great pickler peppers. They even told how to pickle them on the site.  I used to grow Sans Marzano tomaotes every year but it seemed like they were just getting smaller every year when  I grew them.. I do like them for paste and sauces. I could grow them and not deal with tomato end rot where if I try to grow a roma its a no go. They get end rot every single time I try to grow them where as the Sans Marzano dont. So I decided get some fresh seeds, this is suppose to be a large variety.
Image 1  Pepper Topepo Rosso (97-91)  Pepper Carmagnola Rosso (97-27)

Tomato San Marzano 2 (106-16)  Cucumber Picollo di Parigi (38-2)

I wish now I had put these on my order as well... next time  I will get these.

Cucumber White Wonder (37-32)

I finished two of these big bad boys...Soft fold romans/ hobble shades.... pictures are not so great but they were really pretty.  Big and heavy .. the client loved them.


Phuong said...

I'm so glad Greystone recovered from his ordeal! Sounds like Paddlefoot was trying to move up in the hierarchy, it's probably good that you put a stop to the aggression.

I just got an order from Franchi Seeds as well. Their seed quality is excellent, everything germinates so quickly. I mostly ordered cool weather crops, but there were a couple tomatoes and peppers in there.

PioneerPreppy said...

A little blood isn't always a bad thing and it will give the roosters something to show off to the hens with :)

Henny Penny said...

Sounds like our barnyard lately! I'm telling you, there is never a dull moment when you have animals. I'm so glad Greystone is recovering. He was such a brave fellow.

small farm girl said...

Yay for Greystone!!! I'm so glad he is well. I am also one of those gardeners who have a million seeds, but I also need to go through them and figure how old some of them actually are.
Your Roman shades are just beautiful.