Seedlings up in the covered row and Keeper

We went on a road trip as you guys know to AR recently. Keeper went as well.
All cleaned up and ready to travel. His hair is still short believe it or not from his summer cut, but its starting to grow out now for winter.

 Tummy rubs are always a good thing.
 A GP in a Subaru Forester back seat is a full back seat.
 I am supervising here, making sure they load the baggage right!
 Snacks, I look so thin here LOL in this photo. I told Mom lets get 50 copies of this one. I am not thin LOL If you notice the kitchen cabinets to the left of me. Yes I am a tall boy.

Right after I planted the row that has the frost blanket we got rain and a lot of it!!! Our pont is full to the point of over flowing.. woowhooo
I looked today its been less than a week and look what was under the frost blanket!

 Keeper enjoying a stick in the garden ... See not thin lol a bit of a wide load LOL


1st Man said...

God that Keeper is beautiful!! I don't how you keep him so snow white, ha. And yes, I noticed the counter I bet no matter his size, he still thinks he's a baby puppy huh?

I have to ask, what brand soaker hose is that? I used soaker on our garden Spring before last and I don't know if I set the timer for too long or what, but it flooded the beds at times. I was thinking of drip irrigation type next year but maybe I just bought the wrong kind of soaker? Or a cheaper brand? It seems the end closest to the faucet it just gushed out, the far end it dribbled out like I suppose it should? Any thoughts?

Congrats on the seedlings!!!

PioneerPreppy said...

So he kinda takes up the entire back seat there huh? I tried cold frames up here once. They worked for a bit but then we got a real cold Northerner with no sun for a few days and everything froze anyway. I am sure you won't have that problem down there though. The seedlings are looking nice!!!!

Weekend-Windup said...

Keeper looks beautiful with this white bushy hair. I think you have a hard work to make him be always be in this color. He is not thin...

small farm girl said...

Keeper is beautiful! We never can keep our dogs that clean. lol. The seedlings are looking good also.

Henny Penny said...

Been busy with the goat the last few days but just did a quick post and saw that beautiful Keeper. He look soooo good and you're right, he and Eli look alike! They could be brothers! He looks like such a sweet boy! Your little plants have come up so pretty.Take care! Henny

Margaret said...

He's gorgeous - I was also wondering how you manage to keep his coat so white & lovely. Hurray on the seedlings - it always make me a bit giddy when I see those first signs of life.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

He grew into a big boy! He is just gorgeous. The seedlings look great!

Phuong said...

Keeper looks so friendly and laid back, and utterly gigantic!

It's so wonderful when things start popping out of the ground after direct seeding, it seems to happen so fast. And somehow things seem to germinate much faster after a rain compared to hand watering.